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Learn how to develop a professional database-driven enterprise website


Learn how to develop a professional database-driven website with all the Content Management System (CMS) functionalities required for an enterprise website.

Our website design training will give you the skill to start earning substantial income almost immediately. We will train you on how to use the Content Management System called Joomla,,Php5,Drupal & WordPress

Joomla,Drupal & WordPress is an award-winning content management system (CMS) which enables you to build websites and powerful online applications like e-commerce, social networking, forum and portals etc.

Fee: NGN 50,000 You can pay by instalments

Call/WhatsApp: +2348084971458 


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I’m Justus Ejikeme, a professional blogger, Internet marketing strategist, and online business coach based in Nigeria.

I presently earn all of my monthly income from the Internet. And I can help you achieve the same — if that’s your dream.

Between August 2011 and now, I’ve been able to set up multiple streams of online income. I render high quality content writing services, and I’m into affiliate marketing and information marketing.

I would love to help you build a strong foundation for your online business by helping you get your blog started or improve an existing one.

In addition, I would love to teach you the various strategies for achieving success in whichever of the major online business models you choose to pursue — be it freelancing, affiliate marketing, information marketing, or any other.

You too can Become a Domain Reseller and Start Earning Real Pay. Register Now for Free!

Now, what can I do for you?

Whether you’re just starting out in online business or you’ve joined the train for some time now, but aren’t happy with your traffic and earnings, I can help you with the following services I render:

A. Basic blog setup

If you’re just setting up your blog, I can help you with all the basic steps involved, such as registering your domain, purchasing a hosting plan, installing WordPress, installing the necessary plugins, and installing a cool theme that your visitors will love.

In short, I will prepare your blog for you to start blogging right away.

Price: N25,000 (this covers domain registration, hosting, and blog setup)

B. Advanced blog setup

This is an extension of the basic blog setup services, and it is meant for those who want to start profiting from their online business within a relatively short period. In addition to setting up your blog, I will do the following:

  • I will help you figure out the best niche to target — which will factor in both your passion/interest and the availability of a huge audience
  • I will help you draft a foolproof 1-year plan for your online business that will help you achieve your dreams
  • I will help you conduct extensive keyword research to find out what your visitors expect from you
  • I will help you generate killer post topic ideas that will make readers fall in love with your blog
  • I will help you map out strategies for growing your traffic consistently
  • I will help you map out strategies for making more money through any model you choose (freelance writing, affiliate marketing, information marketing, or whatever)

Price: N35,000

C. Content writing

I’ve been a freelance writer since 2011. And since then, I’ve worked with clients, from all over the world, and they were all satisfied with my services.

I can help you write killer content for your blog. Whether you need compelling blog posts (like the ones on this blog), articles, sales pages (like this one here), or any other kind of web content, I’m up to the task. I will help you craft words that will not only reflect your voice and motive in a magical way, but will also help you achieve your long and short term goals.

NOTE: I now run a digital marketing agency, and I have top-notch writers who will handle any of your writing tasks.

D. Blog management

If you have a blog, and you want me to manage it for you, I can do that perfectly. I will publish posts on a frequent basis, engage with your readers, implement strategies for growing your traffic, boost your blog’s authority and rank, and ultimately turn your blog into a money-spinner.

E. Blog review and improvement

If you’ve set up your blog and are posting content regularly, but you still can’t figure out why you’re not getting any traffic, comments, or earnings, don’t get frustrated. I can help you figure out what you’re doing wrong and tell you how to fix it quickly.

I will thoroughly review your blog and come up with a customized step-by-step improvement plan that you can implement (or pay me extra to help you implement).

F. Blog promotion services

If all you need is creating awareness for your blog, I can help with that, too. I will help you figure out the best channels for promoting your blog and maximize those channels. If necessary, I will help you launch paid advertising campaigns (such as Google Adwords, Addynamo, or Facebook ads) and help you make the most out of them.

G. Consulting

If all you need is my guidance concerning any aspect of your online business, without necessarily hiring me to implement anything, then I’m game. I will fix an appointment with you on phone or Whatsapp, and I will teach you anything you want to know. Of course, I charge per hour (but my rates are affordable, anyway).

H. Custom combination

If you need any of my services, but not as part of the packages described, feel free to contact me with your request. I can tailor my services to your specific needs.


Because projects vary in complexity, my rates for services C, D, E, F, G, and H are not fixed. To know how much I charge for these services, send me an or call +2348084971458

Do you need any of my services?

Then get in touch with me. Send me an email ( or call +2348084971458.

Why exactly should you hire me?

Because I have the experience…

I was able to launch a freelance writing career, which has earned me thousands of dollars.

I was able to grow a blog from scratch to 1000+ daily visits within 6 months — with less than 20 blog posts. The blog now attracts about 25,000+ visits per day and generates about 2 million page views monthly.

I was able to set up a micro-niche affiliate blog which started earning commissions consistently within 3 months — and is still making money to date without any input from my end. [PS. Site has been pulled down because product is no longer in market.]

I’ve been able to create Amazon niche sites that now collectively earn over $1,000 monthly in affiliate commissions .

I was able to package an information product — an e-book — that now fetches me side income consistently on a monthly basis . I have two other e-books that are doing well, too.

And I can go on and on. But let me stop there.

So, I can replicate these successes for you, too — if you hire me.

Wanna get in touch with me?

Send an email with your request to or call 08084971458.


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Setup a 7-figures Online Business

Setup your own Online Shop Today!

Hey there,

I want to get you thinking about something…

It’s the lifestyle you can lead by running an eCommerce store.


Ever since I started my own store about 1 year ago (100% from scratch) I’ve been amazed to see how quickly the sales can come in.

So it got me thinking about one question: why is this a good industry to get involved in?

Here’s why:

If you’re desperate to create more personal freedom in your life…

If you’re feeling extremely disillusioned by all the options out there…

If you want a way to move away from the daily grind, earn a living, and enjoy life more…

Then, ecommerce can give you all those things.

Setup your Online Store Now

Because, if you’ve noticed, some of the best affiliate marketers out there seem to focus on 3 niches:

Weight loss… 
Making m*ney online…

Now to really succeed in any of those industries, you have to compete with the best of the best.

And without a system, a plan, and a coach it’s extremely difficult.

I Recommend this Affordable BulkSMS Service for your Organization, Church, School, and Invitations

Let’s look at eCommerce for example…

With many e-commerce markets, you’d be going up against old-school business people who have been around forever.


Often times their sites are outdated.

They just are.

And often times they may not be up to speed on the latest tech and internet marketing practices.

This is good!

Because it leaves lots of opportunity for you to analyze what they’re doing and capitalize on their shortcomings.

And with the internet making it simple to run a competitive, revenue-generating, dropshipping business…

…it could open up an entirely new lifestyle for you!

So – think about it.

Ecommerce isn’t going away.

It’s only going to go up, up, up in 2018 and beyond!

And NO – you do NOT need to compete with Amazon to make it big.

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If you want to start waking up to freedom every morning in 2018 please keep an eye on your inbox (because something big + new is coming).

Take that Business Online Today

Justus Ejikeme 
CEO, Buythetruth Ventures 
Chief Mentor 

Kind regards, 
Millionaire Digital Marketing Team


Shorten URLs and Get Paid

Shorten URLs and Get Paid

You have heard of URL/link shortening.

But what you don’t know is…

You can make money shrinking URLsand ensuring they get clicked.

Link shortening is a product that will give you a better way to earn money online. There are different link shorteners out there but not all give you money. I will share with you just one of the URL shorteners and has been tested by one of my employees — WWW.SHORTE.ST.

He has used this platform to make money online passively on his website. 
WWW.SHORTE.ST is connected with advertising network so now you get paid when you shorten a link and make someone click on it.

Suitable for: This online money making opportunity is best for people who have a blog or massive social followers.

If you have any question as regarding how to start making money online or you want to get hands-on with any online money making ideas , you can

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to explore other amazing opportunities

Kind regards, 
Millionaires Digital Marketing Team